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129 E Hopkins St. San Marcos, TX 78666

Update 6/23/2023

We are an independent venue and it is impossible to respond to every band that would like to play here. If you are a right fit for The Porch, we will reach out to you to discuss dates. Usually the room is booked 2-3 months in advance, so it could take some time to circle back to a request. Please be patient and don't spam the inbox. Keep your follow up emails in the same chain. If you don't hear from us, don't take it personally - you just might not be the right fit for the room.

The Porch is focused on local artists. That doesn't mean we don't book touring or regional artists, it just means it's not the priority. 

We do not book via social media. If you message the bar on IG, FB or whatever other app your heart desires, we will send you the email address. 

Thank you for your interest in playing The Porch in San Marcos, TX!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday booking are managed by our primary talent buyer, Will, and he is usually booked 2-3 months out.


Weekend shows moving forward (as of July 2023) are cover shows with varying splits: 70/30, 80/20, 90/10. We no longer run free shows on weekends, except under rare circumstances. This shift in payout policy is to ensure the sustainability of our live music program. Because we run door splits, we no longer take a production fee for ticketed/cover shows. All shows are profit share.

Weekend shows are split between "Big Room" and "Small Room" shows. Big Room shows run cover off Hopkins Street, effectively making it mandatory to pay the cover before entering the venue. Small Room shows run cover within the venue's secondary alcove, allowing for walk-in guests to enter the bar, buy a drink, play pool, etc. before committing to the cover. Depending on your history with the bar and the area, you might be asked to perform the Small Room before moving to the Big Room.



Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are predominately held for residency events/artists and private rentals, and are managed by Sam, the owner. These events rarely change or alternate, just an FYI.


Booking email:


When emailing about a potential show try to include:

1. Your name and/or your band name.

2. Link to your website and/or social media.

3. Link to recorded music.

4. Link to a live performance if possible 

5. A brief (2-3 sentences please I beg you) description of your music and or bio.

6. What dates you are looking to book.

7. Your set length(s).

8. You desired guarantee and/or door deal.

Including this information will save us both a lot of time. It is greatly appreciated if you keep your booking requests in the same email chain so we don't assume you're reaching out for the first time.


Help us make your show a success. We are still a new venue and it is important to get the word out about your show so we all help foster a strong community of live music supporters.

We are a KTSW underwriter! Connect with the station and ask them to play your music or to perform a live set in the days leading up to your show. *NOTE: the station is not required to play music of The Porch performing artists simply because we're an underwriter*


​Make a Facebook event and add The Porch as a host. Invite your friends. Invite your parents, bosses, dogs, etc. Because there is so much programming on a weekly basis, I cannot create individual Facebook events for every show. Please help me out and invite your friends so we can get more traction than simply listing them on our pages.

Share your event with San Marcos local Facebook groups.

Create a show poster and bring it to the bar to hang up (10 copies MAX).

Share your show details with local / regional press outlets. I send out weekly email blasts and monthly newsletters to all of my industry contacts, but you should, too!


Here is a good starting point for calendar listings and press:


AMFM Magazine,

Austin Chronicle,

Austin360 Music Source,


Downtown San Marcos Association,

KTSW 89.9,




San Marcos Daily Record Music Listings,

Spectrum/Time Warner News,

Texas State University Star,

Visit San Marcos,

San Marcos responds really well to handbills and posters around town. Hit up coffee shops, vintage stores, the library, etc. Community listings of supportive businesses coming soon!


Talk about your show on social media and tag us @theporchsmtx. We will retweet, like, post to stories, etc. The more active you are the better.


Email poster graphics  so we can help you promote through our platforms.


Not all shows at The Porch are full production events. Often if you are booked for a weekday performance you will be required to run your own sound. For all other performances, we work with inhouse engineers.

We provide the following backline / equipment for your use. If you need additional equipment you must connect with me or your engineer (who will be cc'd in your advance, if an engineer is provided). BEFORE YOUR SHOW:.


Load in at least one hr prior to your set. Load in/out through one of the front entrances to The Porch on Hopkins. DO NOT LOAD IN/OUT THROUGH THE TAPROOM DINING ROOM. You may unload in Kissing Alley -- don't block the sidewalk with your vehicle.


When loading in, place gear along the back wall of The Porch, stage left by the subwoofer/speaker tower/jukebox.


When you prepare to load out, please tidy up after your set and throw away your empties, return shot glasses to the bar, etc. Help us keep the stage neat for everyone performing after you.


Street parking hours and fees apply and are marked by city signage. Most downtown street parking is free after 6pm on weekends and all day on Saturday and Sunday.


Parking in the Taproom lot is limited to the east side of the lot, in the spots marked "Taproom Parking Only", numbered TR#06-TR#15. All other parking is private during weekday business hours. It is *usually* okay to park on the west side of the lot on evenings after 8pm and on weekends, but we don't rent those spots -- park at your own risk. The Porch and The Taproom are not responsible for damage to your vehicle or if your vehicle is towed. Please see attached map of parking available. Map of Hutchinson Lot Leases 

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